Ways to Make your Sash Windows Energy Efficient

Sash home windows are typically an essential part of the historic personality of your house. However, original home windows can be extremely ineffective.

Sash home windows have actually been created in such a way that they can be taken down for repair work or the replacement of busted sash cords with relative ease. Regrettably, lots of people do not realise this, and also commonly think that replacement of the whole window is the only choice when they face difficulties with maintenance or improving energy effectiveness. This is simply not the situation.

Why keep sash home windows?

Replacing sash windows not only affects the appearance as well as character of your structure, it is additionally very expensive as well as potentially damaging the honesty of the building itself.

On top of this, replacing initial sash home windows can be incredibly inefficient. The top quality timber that forms the basis of initial timer home windows is very hard to come by nowadays, implying that the replacement and eventual discarding of these frames would certainly be an unnecessary waste.

Not only that, but double glazing often tends to only have a beneficial life of around twenty years approximately. After this they usually end up as garbage dump, taking in large quantities of energy in their manufacturing to become waste. As we go into an age of ever-scarcer sources and environment uncertainty, lowering waste as well as power intake is of vital value.

Check out four easy points that you can do to make your sash home windows for energy reliable.


Maintaining your sash windows in a good state of repair not just guarantees that they will certainly last for years ahead, it will additionally make them much more efficient.  Making certain that home windows are well repainted will certainly decrease chilly and damp in the window area, and also attending to splits will certainly lower draughts. 

Examine your windows annually and also be prepared to seek the most usual of problems:

  • Cracked and half-cracked paintwork: counteract this by repainting every 5-8 years.
  • Windows sticking: this can be due to the inadequate renovating of the personnel grain about report or recording, which can quickly be taken care of. Conversely, it might result from a build-up of paint, which is quickly removable.
  • Look out for falling short putty and broken or cracked panes of glass: these can be quickly fixed.
  • Broken cords
  • Timber decay: minor repair work can be carried out by painting, much more substantial repair work can be executed by a qualified joiner.


Did you know that the spaces around your sash home windows can be the equivalent of an opening a minimum of 10 inches? Draught Proofing your sash home windows is one of one of the most advantageous and inexpensive means to make your home extra power efficient, saving you from inflated home heating bills and also draughty, rattling windows.

Depending upon the type of draught proofing you select, your payback is usually anything in between 5 and twenty-five years. The payback can additionally be as low as three years, indicating you start to gain the benefits of energy performance much more rapidly. Just to compare: it can take between 60 and 100 years for your double glazing to begin conserving you money! It truly does pay to recover your stunning windows and also take advantage of new draught-proofing innovations.

Secondary Glazing

Warmth can likewise be shed via the glass of your home windows themselves, bring about cold places and also condensation. You can promptly tackle this with a pair of hefty drapes, which can reduce warmth loss by approximately one Double glazing, on the other hand, inevitably suggests the loss of your initial windows. This can have significant consequences for the character as well as the beauty of your home, specifically if you reside in a historic or provided structure and also can not obtain double glazing that sufficiently follows the original home window pattern.


Shutters are probably one of the most traditional of means to keep in warmth during the night, as well as making your sash windows more energy reliable. Sash windows were commonly made with coming with shutters to keep heat and offer privacy in the evenings. Not only do shutters look excellent, well-fitting shutters can execute as well as dual glazing. However, the major issue with shutters is that they block out the light as well as are unsuitable for daytime usage. We are your Local Woking Glaziers – Woking Glaziers are Here For You.

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